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Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial
Phase I/ II(a)

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IND Approval

In January 2023, PrimoCure Pharma received an FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) approval utilizing KAT 3-BP to complete a 3-cohort, phase I/II(a) clinical trial for pancreatic cancer.


PrimoCure Pharma is now preparing to begin this groundbreaking clinical trial for pancreatic cancer in 2023.

Administration Protocol Strategy


Due to the fact that up to 90% of the diagnosed pancreatic cancer patients will be at a later stage where the cancer has spread to the rest of the body, the administrative protocol strategy in the phase I/II(a) trials is to split the patient group into three groups for administration of PrimoCure’s KAT 3-BP by:


1. Oral

2. Intra-arterial

3. Oral and Intra-arterial

This will allow PrimoCure’s KAT 3-BP to treat all stages of pancreatic cancer, targeting both the reduction of tumor growth and the metastatic spread of the cancer to other parts of the body to determine the efficacy for patient outcomes.

Expected Cancer Cell and Tumor Strategy

It is expected that PrimoCure’s KAT 3-BP will eliminate and/or minimize those pancreatic cancer cells that have spread to the rest of the patient’s body and eliminate, or significantly reduce the size of the original tumor sites in the pancreas of each patient.

As a result, for the first time for pancreatic cancer patients, a significant improvement in patient outcome may be achieved in the phase I/II(a) clinical trial.

As updates are available, we will post them here along with any relevant information about the details of our pancreatic cancer clinical trial. With the broad application potential of KAT 3-BP for multiple cancers, progress made in each clinical trial will further validate and positively impact all ongoing efforts to bring KAT 3-BP to full FDA approval for all of those in need. 

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