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The Challenge

The Challenge to Harness the Power of 3-BP 

It is widely accepted and validated through multiple sources that, as an analog of pyruvic acid, 3-bromopyruvate (3-BP) exhibits strong anticancer activity and is a promising anticancer agent.

Since Dr. Ko's discovery of 3-BP’s potential as a promising anticancer agent while at Johns Hopkins in 2000, there has been substantial global R&D interest dedicated to realizing this enormous potential as a therapeutic target for cancer antitumor therapy.

The overriding problem has been that the decades of R&D efforts to develop a safe and effective 3-BP formulation and proper administration protocols to realize 3-BP's anticancer potential have never reached a successful threshold of preclinical outcomes to warrant initiating human clinical trials.

The challenges of solving the problems related to 3-BP’s use are many, but are primarily due to the complexities of the body’s metabolic system and the compound’s cellular interaction within the body. Additional challenges are due to the compound’s chemistry and high level of volatility which make it a very difficult compound to formulate in a way so it may be commercially manufactured to be safely and cost-effectively administered to a human patient to improve a patient’s outcome.

The solutions to these complex challenges have been researched, tested and systematically solved by Dr. Ko through more than 23 years of laboratory, preclinical and clinical research and testing. Follow the link below to discover how she is now ready to safely and effectively bring the power of KAT 3-BP to treat pancreatic and other cancers. 

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